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Thompson vs.Thompson

Let me start by saying that Judge Judy is a better show than People's Court. I think that she does make some good judgments but then there are those other ones that are totally unfair. I took my case to Judge Judy. Let me explain my side and then I will tell you her ruling.

I lived with my father in Tennessee for 9 months. During that time I was in my last year of High School. I paid for my class ring ($380) and everything seemed to be ok. All except for the woman that my father married. She hates my sister and I because we are the tie between him and his ex-wife. We got into an argument over a CD that I bought and one day when I got home from school she threw me against a wall and then against a china cabinet. 5 days later I was on a plane back to California to live with my mother. About 6 days after I left the woman my dad married went to the place where I purchased my ring and canceled my order and was given $330 (a $50 non refundable deposit was kept by the company). I was lied to for months by my father. He kept telling me that they were going to ship my ring out to me. Finally I called
the company and was told that they canceled the order months ago. So I thought (and still think) that I was entitled to my money from the ring.

Well, I took my case to Judge Judy. She turned the case into an argument over my mother and father's divorce and spoke to me 2 times. Once to ask me if my mother was there and the other to ask what happened between the confrontation with my dad's wife. She treated me as if I were a child even though I am 18 (a legal adult). Judge Judy said that I didn't deserve my class ring and that my father owes me nothing. I assume she came to this conclusion by reading my father's statement. He said that I was unruly and was playing my parent's against eachother. She also implied that maybe I was the reason of their divorce even though I was only 5 at the time. So, she dismissed the case.

Now my father and I don't talk at all, and I still don't have my class ring or the money to buy it. These are the type of rulings that I think are unfair.

I think she needed to stick with the main point of the case rather than talking with my mother and their divorce. That is only my opinion.


Jessica Thompson

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